Are based on high quality vinyl copolymer resin giving excellent properties of bush ability, good coverage, durability and fast dying, it is high suitable for tropical conditions, and can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. CLOVER EMULSION PAINTS can be applied easily by brush, roller or spray on plastic or brick wall. They are normally dry and recoatable within 2 hours.


This is a high premium emulsion paint, formulated with the highest quality resins and pigments to give a hi-build and heavily bodied semi-glass emulsion paint. HALLMARK PAINT has an exceptional covering power, ease of application, adhering properties and durability. They are highly recommended for exterior and interior surfaces to withstand adverse weathering conditions.


High structured wall finish specially formulated for the tropical climate. A selective blend of highly weather resistant pigments, fire retardants and dry film protector in latest styrene acrylic enhances excellent adhesion, finest tailored patterns and durability on external and internal applications on concrete, stones and plastered walls. Spreading rate is between 25-35m2/L in one coat (Depending on the porosity of the substrate). It can be thinned down to desired viscosity with clean water if necessary HALLMARK HI-BUILD TEXTURED COATING is made from a vinyl and acrylic co-polymer resin, light fasting pigments and blended with spe.


is a quick alkyd based primer which mainly protects ferrous metals against rust. It also serves as an under-coat and subsequent finishing coat.

Richmond Emulsion Paint

This serves as an economy brand of our emulsion paints. It is formulated with high quality water-based copolymer resins, highly weather resistant pigments/extenders and additives which enhances easy application. High opacity and reasonable durability at an affordable price. Suitable for exterior and interior applications, it is available in wide range of colours. Recoatable within 1-2 hrs. it can be thinned down with water to desirable viscosity prior to application.