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About us

Welcome to Korama Clover Industries!

We are ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system (QMS) certified. Also patronizing NIS 'Gold Category' for our Quality products since 1997.
We produce paints and coatings that are suited for African related weather and also specifically coatings that can be applied overseas in any weather even in temperate environments.
Our products range from Paints (Interior, Exterior, Auto/Carpaints, Industrial and Marine coatings) to Plastics (Industrial and Domestics) of various applications.

Our Reputations Preceed us
Our insistence on quality and customer satisfaction has earned us Awards and Certifications ranging from ISO 9001:2008, NIS-Gold category and other industrial awards

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Our Vision.

  • To provide quality paints that meets the aesthetic and protective needs of all classes of our society........

Our Mission Statement.

  • To be one of the best performing indigenous paints, packaging and chemical processing industries in the world.......

The Company Product Brands

Our brands are categorized as follows; Household/Decorative, Sinclair/Protectives, Industrials/Marines, and Packagings.

Household/Decorative Paints

1. Clover Superfine Emulsion Paint
2. Gaymark Emulsion Paint
3. Hallmark Acrylic Superior Emulsion Paint
4. Hallmark Superior Matt Emulsion
5. Hallmark Satin Emulsion
6. Clovertex Textured Coating
7. Hallmark Textured Coating
8. Richmond Emulsion Paint
9. Clover Gloss Paint
10. Clover Fix Gloss Paint
11. Hallmark Maxi-bright Aluminum Paint
12. Clover Red Oxide Primer
13. Clover Undercoat
14. KCP Screeding Base
15. POP Emulsion Paint
16. Hallmark Wall treatment Solution
17. Hallmark Supercoat Base
18. Hallmark Shiny Wax
19. Hallmark Special Filler

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Sinclair Car Paints/Protectives

* Sinclair Metallic Car Paint
* Sinclair Auto Base
* Sinclair Varnish
* Sinclair Nitro Primer (Surfacer)
* Sinclair Matt-Black
* Sinclair Auto Shine (Clear Coat)
* Sinclair Auto Slow Thinner
* Sinclair Anti-rust (Under Sealant)
* Sinclair Autocryl Paint
* Sinclair Auto Hardener
* Sinclair Auto Body Filler
* Quick Drying Gloss

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1. Sinclair General Purspose Gloss Paint
2. Sinclair Marine Coatings
3. Hallmark Chlorinated Rubber Paints
4. Hallmark Poly urethane Paints
5. Sinclair Road Marking Paints
6. Epoxy Primers
7. Crack Filler
8. Epoxy Thinner


* Paint buckets

* Plastic Wares for Household Uses

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Few of Our Paints

Choose date, Make Payment, Place your Order, Get your Paints/Order, Use them on your buildings and you will see the true look of your buildings.Clover paint>>> Truely the BEST.

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